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Sceneries define the general settings of the map: the climate, textures, tree types, etc.

The sceneries are saved as XML-files in the Sceneries folder. To create a new scenery, simply create a new file in there or copy and adjust one of the existing files.

An example scenery definition looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Scenery Name="Snow" Weather="Snow">
  <BaseTexture Name="SnowLargeType1" Size="384"/>
    <Texture Name="SnowType5" Size="256" Granularity="0.05"/>
    <Texture Name="SnowType6" Size="256" Granularity="0.1"/>
  <CliffTexture Name="CliffMediumType17bsnowy" Size="256"/>
    <Texture Name="CliffMediumType17b" Size="256" Granularity="0.23"/>
  • The Name attribute of the Scenery tag can be chosen freely.
  • The Weather attribute can be either Normal or Snow. If you use Snow, all objects will use their snow textures (if applicable).
  • There has to be one BaseTexture element.
    • The Name must be the name of the texture.
    • Size must be set to the side length of the texture in pixels. If you’re not sure about the size, extract the texture from the Terrain.big or TerrainZH.big files and open it in a graphics program.
  • There can be multiple Texture elements in the OverlayTextures element.
    • Overlay textures are painted over the base texture like small "stains".
    • Each texture has to has its Name and Size set just like the base texture.
    • The Granularity determines the size of the stains. The smaller the granularity value, the larger the stains will be.
  • Just like there is a BaseTexture and multiple OverlayTextures, you can set a CliffTexture and CliffOverlayTextures. These will be used for the generated mountains.
  • You can add multiple Tree elements in the Trees element.
    • Each tree must have its Name set to the name of the object type.
    • You can add the same tree multiple times to increase the probability of this tree to be chosen.
  • Defining rocks works just like defining trees.
  • In the Road element, you can specify the road type that should be used in the map.

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